Leila Williams



Leila Williams is a former submissive of Christian Grey. Their relationship occurred approximately two and half years before the events of Fifty Shades of Grey. She left Christian when she met her husband. Four months prior to the series it is known that she left her husband for a lover named Geoff, who was killed in a car crash. After her lover's death, she had a mental breakdown.



Leila, like all of Christian's former submissives, is a brunette. Her eyes are "brown, like bourbon". Anastasia is struck by how much she and Leila look alike. Prior to having a mental breakdown, she was "lively" and "mischievious".



In Fifty Shades of Grey while Christian is in Georgia with Ana, Leila breaks into Escala and cuts her wrist in front of Mrs. Jones. She is rushed to the hospital immediately, but checks herself out before Christian can fly back in time to help her. In Fifty Shades Darker, Leila stalks Ana. She slashes the tires of Ana's Audi A3 and covers it in white paint. When Christian finds out that Leila has obtained a concealed carry permit, he insists that Ana stays with him at Escala however, Leila is still able to break in into his penthouse apartment and watch Ana sleep. Several days later, Leila breaks into Ana's apartment near Pike Place Market and threatens Ana with the gun. Christian is able to get Leila to lower her weapon, and calls Dr. Flynn to take her to a psychiatric hospital. In Fifty Shades Freed, Christian tells Ana that Leila is doing much better, and is attending art school on the east coast. Ana is surprised, then, when Leila shows up at SIP. She apologizes to Ana for the incident in the apartment, and confesses that she loved Christian at one time. However, her primary reason for visiting Ana at work was so she could see Christian who denied her requests to see him and talk, she knew Christian would come running when he knew she was with Ana. Her ruse works, but Christian is furious; he threatens to pull his financial support for art classes if she ever tries to contact him or Anastasia again.



Actress Bella Heathcote portrays Leila in the film adaptations of the Fifty Shades trilogy.






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